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[Paper] Our paper, “Novel Data Reduction Based on Statistical Similarity”, is accepted at SSDBM-16 (May 2016).

Our paper, “Novel Data Reduction Based on Statistical Similarity” written by Dongeun and Jaesik is accepted at SSDBM-2016. This is a joint work with our collaborators, Alex Sim and John Wu, in the Berkeley Lab. The data reduction method is… Continue Reading →

[Paper] Our paper, “Improving Imprecise Compressive Sensing Models”, is accepted at UAI-2016 (May 2016).

Our paper, “Improving Imprecise Compressive Sensing Models” written by Dongeun, Rafael and Jaesik is accepted at UAI-2016.

[Paper] Our paper, “The Relational Automatic Statistician System”, is accepted at ICML-2016 (April 2016).

Our paper, “The Automatic Statistician: A Relational Perspective” written by Yunseong, Anh and Jaesik is accepted at ICML-2016.  

[IEEE ISBI 2016 Challenge] Ranked 1st and 3rd in Skin Cancer Classification Challenges (April 2016).

Congrats that our members Thanh, Haebeom and Janghoon ranked 1st and 3rd in ISBI 2016: Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection Challenges! Thanh and Janghoon’s submission ranked first in identifying dermoscopic features. Haebeom and Janghoon’s submission ranked 3rd… Continue Reading →

[Semantic Segmentation] Ranked Top 10 in the PASCAL VOC 2012 (April 2016).

We have posted our results on PASCAL VOC Semantic Segmentation Results (VOC2012). As a (unique research team count), our team (model name: UNIST_GDN) performs 71.8%* (Average Precision %) and is in the 8th position after Oxford, Adelaid, The Chinese University of Hong… Continue Reading →

[Open Positions] Postdocs and PhD studentships

We invite motivated applications for Postdoc and PhD (including MS/PhD) studies.   [Vacancies] Postdoc positions The Statistical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) invites applications for postdoctoral positions in various areas of machine… Continue Reading →

[News] Our research projects are appeared in the mass media

It is great that our research projects are appeared in Korean mass media. MBC News – Video link KBS News – Video link UBC News – Video link MBC Special – Video link Here are related papers (including papers in… Continue Reading →

[New Video] Our Baxter robot now can play the 2048 Game by using Deep Q Learning

Wonjun and Sol-a (our undergraduate interns) make our Baxter robot play the 2048 game successfully by using Deep Learning algorithms (Deep Reinforcement Learning and Neural Network for Image Recognition). Video:

[New Members] Jonghyun Koo, Thanh Nguyen, Haebeom Lee and Madi Khamitbekov

Our group welcome a new researcher/lab manager, Jongjyun Koo. We also have a new graduate member, Thanh Nguyen, the valedictorian from Talented Engineering Program at Danang University of Science and Technology, Vietnam, and two new undergrad members, Haebeom Lee (senior… Continue Reading →

[Graduation] Congrat Yunseong, Taehoon and Sanghun!

Congrats on the first MS graduate, Yunseong Hwang, and two excellent undergrad alumni, Taehoon Kim and Sanghun Kang. Yunseong (MS, 2016) started working at NAVER Search solutions (military service). Kyungjoong (PhD Candidate) started working at Stradvision, a computer vision startup…. Continue Reading →

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