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[Open Positions] Grad students, Postdocs and Researchers

Our lab currently has some open positions for Grads, Postdocs and Researchers to solve some of the World’s Greatest Problems in AI! If you are interested in joining our lab, please contact Prof. Jaesik Choi at with your CV and… Continue Reading →

[New members] 4 excellent researcher/grad students and 1 undergrad intern join in this Fall (August/September 2016)

We are excited that 5 new researchers/grad/undergrad students join our lab and 2 researchers visit our lab for research collaborations in this fall.   Jangwoo Park (MS from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) joins as a PhD student in… Continue Reading →

[Job] Congratulations Dongeun for joining Texas A&M University-Commerce (August 2016).

In this fall, Dongeun will join the department of computer science at Texas A&M University-Commerce as an assistant professor. Congrats Prof. Dongeun Lee!

[Paper] Our paper, “Global Deconvolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation”, is accepted at BMVC-16 (July 2016).

Our paper, “Global Deconvolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation” written by Vladimir, Janghoon and Jaesik is accepted BMVC-16. We show that simple but innovative ways to incorporate global context information to improve deep learning based semantic segmentation. We also demonstrate that the… Continue Reading →

[New Interns] Summer student exchanges (July 2016).

Our undergrad intern, Madi, participates Google summer internship program at Mountain View, CA. Patrick Patolla (from Hamburg University of Technology, Germany) and Nikola Markovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia) visit our lab as summer graduate interns.

[Paper] Our paper, “Novel Data Reduction Based on Statistical Similarity”, is accepted at SSDBM-16 (May 2016).

Our paper, “Novel Data Reduction Based on Statistical Similarity” written by Dongeun and Jaesik is accepted at SSDBM-2016. This is a joint work with our collaborators, Alex Sim and John Wu, in the Berkeley Lab. The data reduction method is… Continue Reading →

[Paper] Our paper, “Improving Imprecise Compressive Sensing Models”, is accepted at UAI-2016 (May 2016).

Our paper, “Improving Imprecise Compressive Sensing Models” written by Dongeun, Rafael and Jaesik is accepted at UAI-2016.

[Paper] Our paper, “The Relational Automatic Statistician System”, is accepted at ICML-2016 (April 2016).

Our paper, “The Automatic Statistician: A Relational Perspective” written by Yunseong, Anh and Jaesik is accepted at ICML-2016.  

[IEEE ISBI 2016 Challenge] Ranked 1st and 3rd in Skin Cancer Classification Challenges (April 2016).

Congrats that our members Thanh, Haebeom and Janghoon ranked 1st and 3rd in ISBI 2016: Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection Challenges! Thanh and Janghoon’s submission ranked first in identifying dermoscopic features. Haebeom and Janghoon’s submission ranked 3rd… Continue Reading →

[Semantic Segmentation] Ranked Top 10 in the PASCAL VOC 2012 (April 2016).

We have posted our results on PASCAL VOC Semantic Segmentation Results (VOC2012). As a (unique research team count), our team (model name: UNIST_GDN) performs 71.8%* (Average Precision %) and is in the 8th position after Oxford, Adelaid, The Chinese University of Hong… Continue Reading →

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