We are excited that 5 new researchers/grad/undergrad students join our lab and 2 researchers visit our lab for research collaborations in this fall.

Jangwoo Park (MS from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) joins as a PhD student in early September, 2016.

Hyejin Shin (BS from University of Ulsan) joins as a researcher in mid August, 2016.

Kyowoon Lee (current undergrad intern at UNIST) continues gradate studies as a MS/PhD student.

Ali Tousi (BS from Sharif University) joins as a PhD student in early September, 2016.

Sehyun Lee (CSE student from UNIST) joins as an undergrad intern in early September, 2016.

Dr. Kyung-Lyong Han from POSCO visits our lab for research collaborations since August, 2016.

Yunjeong Ahn visit from KEI visits our lab for research collaborations since September, 2016.

Now, our lab has 3 full time postdoc/researchers, 12 grad students, 5 undergrad interns and 2 visit scholars.

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