Brief Bio

Ali Tousi received his BS degree in Computer Science from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2016.

During his undergraduate studies he worked in Computer Vision Lab at MathSci. Department under the supervision of Dr. Mostafa Kamali Tabrizi. His main research project was on Super resolution which has applications in Surveillance Systems and Number Plate Recognition.

His strong passion in solving challenging problems in Computer Vision and Machine Learning was his motivation for joining the SAIL at UNIST.

Aside from CV/ML, he also enjoys following the trends in Cognitive Neuroscience. He previously had done some research in application of Artificial Neural Networks to better understand human brain data.

Research Interests

Currently his main research interests lies in application of deep learning in diverse Computer Vision problems (e.g. Multi-frame Super resolution and Semantic Segmentation).

Curriculum Vitae

Download CV: Ali Tousi