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[New Members] 3 Researchers and 1 PhD student join our lab (November/December 2017)

Dr Boseon Yu, Seonghyun Jo, Sookyoung Kim and Haedong Jeong joined our lab. Dr. Boseon Yu had been a research scientist at KIST after receiving a PhD degree from Inha University in 2015. Seonghyun received BS degree in biological science… Continue Reading →

[TAC KBP] Our Natural Language Processing SW ranked 4th in the 2017 TAC KBP competition

Our slot filling system ranked 4th in the TAC 2017 Cold Start KB/Slot filling competition, only behind three teams; Stanford, TinkerBell (Columbia+Cornell+JHU+RPI+Stanford+UIUC+UPenn) and hltcoe (Human Language Technology Center of Excellence)! The Cold Start KB is designed to build a KB automatically… Continue Reading →

[Award] Our SW won the digital curling competition at the Game Playing Workshop 2017

Our AI programs developed by our members, Kyowoon, Sol-A and Jaesik, won the digital curling competition held at GPW at 2017.

[New Members] 2 Researchers join our lab! (September 2017)

Sohee Cho and Yeeun Chun will join our lab. Sohee received undergrad degree in computer engineering at Korea National Open University. Yeeun received undergrad degree in cognitive science specialized in computing from University of California, Los Angels. Welcome Sohee and Yeeun… Continue Reading →

[Award] Appreciation Award from POSCO/ the POSCO Fellow (July 2017)

Prof. Choi (on behalf of SAIL members) received the appreciation award for the research project with POSCO. POSCO applied our AI (time series deep learning) method to control their blast furnace automatically for the first time. Prof. Choi is also appointed as… Continue Reading →

[Graduation] Congrat Azamatbek, Madi and Doyeon!

Azamatbek (BS, 2017) started working on Samsung Electronics, the most profitable technology company in the world as of 2017 2nd quarter. =) Madi (BS, 2017) joined Moloco, a promising US-based startup company. Doyeon (BS, 2017) admitted to the computer science… Continue Reading →

[Open Positions] Postdoc, Researchers and PhD studies

We invite motivated applicants for postdoc, researcher and PhD (including MS/PhD) studies.   [Vacancies] A Postdoc position The Statistical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) invites applications for postdoctoral positions in various areas… Continue Reading →

[New member] New researcher joins our lab

We welcome a new researcher, Soonjae Kwon! Soonjae recently finished his master’s degree with deep learning based natural language understanding at Sogang university.  

[News] Top 10% in Two Sigma Financial Modeling Challenge hosted by Kaggle

Our team composed of Giyoung, Donyeon, Sehyun and Jaesik ranked 190 (9.17%) out of 2071 teams participated.

[News] 2016 SAIL UNIST Workshop

We are pleased to hold the 2016 SAIL UNIST Workshop!  

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