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[Job] Congratulations Dongeun for joining Texas A&M University-Commerce (August 2016).

In this fall, Dongeun will join the department of computer science at Texas A&M University-Commerce as an assistant professor. Congrats Prof. Dongeun Lee!

[IEEE ISBI 2016 Challenge] Ranked 1st and 3rd in Skin Cancer Classification Challenges (April 2016).

Congrats that our members Thanh, Haebeom and Janghoon ranked 1st and 3rd in ISBI 2016: Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection Challenges! Thanh and Janghoon’s submission ranked first in identifying dermoscopic features. Haebeom and Janghoon’s submission ranked 3rd… Continue Reading →

[New Members] 6 Talented Researchers/Grad students join in this Fall (August 2015)

We are excited that 6 new talented researchers/grad students join our lab in this fall.   Dr Kallol Roy (BS from IIT Kanpur, PhD from Indian Institute of Science (IISC), India) joins as a postdoc in mid August, 2015. Vladimir Nekrasov (BS… Continue Reading →

[New Interns] Eight undergraduate interns this summer (July 2015)

We are exited that eight undergraduate interns join our lab in this summer. Three students (Azamatbek Akhmedov, Sol-A Kim and Wonjun Yoon) join from UNIST. Through the U-SURF program, Jungwoon Shin (Boston Univ., USA), Guhnoo Yun (Kyungsang Univ.) and Sorang Cho… Continue Reading →

[Kaggle] Top 10% in ECML/PKDD 15: Taxi Trip Time Prediction (II) (July 2015)

Our undergraduate student, Janghoon Ju, ranked top 10% in the ECML/PKDD 15: Taxi Trip Time Prediction competition, which is to predict how long a drive will have his taxi occupied given an initial fragment of taxi trip recorder. Janghoon’s final rank was… Continue Reading →

[International Research Collaborations] The Berkeley Lab and Argonne National Laboratory

In the summer, our lab members will visit the Berkeley Lab and Argonne National Laboratory for research collaborations. Dongeun (Postdoc) and Taehoon (Undergrad) will visit the Berkeley lab for 6 months and 3 months respectively. Giyoung will visit Argonne National… Continue Reading →

The first Google Glass demo (July 2014)

We are pleased to release the first demo of our Google Glass application which is equipped with our own face detection module. Kyungjoong Jeong leads the development of the face detection module and Chung-Geol Ryu leads the development of the… Continue Reading →

The first international student (March 2014)

The first international student, Zumrat Kochshegulov from Kazakhstan, joins our lab (March 2014)!

An MOU between UNIST and Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (September 2013)

The School of Electrical Engineering at UNIST and The faculty of Math/Science and Information Technology at Ho Chi Minh City University of Science (HCMUS-VNU) make an MOU for student exchange and research collaborations.

Recognizing Slot-Filling Entailment by Seongwoo Lim

Advisors: Jaesik Choi/ Bongsoo Jang Building a knowledge base system from unstructured text is one of challenges in natural language processing (NLP). A knowledge base can be applied to various artificial intelligence areas (e.g. expert system, big data processing). Slot… Continue Reading →

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