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[Award] Appreciation Award from Korea East West Power

UNIST Industrial Artificial Intelligence Center led by Prof. Jaesik Choi received the appreciation award from Korea East West Power.  

[New members] 2 researchers and 6 graduate students join in Spring 2019

Two researchers, Nakwon Sung and Seongman Heo, joined our lab. Six graduate students, Minsu Kang, Cheongwoong Kang, Youngjin Park, Sungguk Cha, Seongun Kim and Alisher Abdulov, joined our lab.

NAVER PhD Fellow Award

Kyowoon Lee received the prestigious NAVER PhD award! Congratulation Kyowoon!

2018 International Explainable Artificial Intelligence Symposium

If you wish to attend, please see  

[Award] POSCO Smart Innovation Award

Prof. Choi received the POSCO Smart Innovation Award for the contribution of building AI (Deep Learning) systems to improve the prediction accuracy of hot metal temperature and blast volume in a smart blast furnace. Predicting the key values such as hot… Continue Reading →

[Award] Rising Star Distinguished Professor

Professor Choi is honored as Rising Star Distinguished Professor from UNIST.

[News] ‘The AI KOREA’ and tutorial slides

2018 AISOCIETY holds “The AI KOREA 2018″.   Slides for tutorial, Sequence/Time Series Data Analysis, is available to download here.    

[Paper] Our paper, “Deep Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Action Spaces: a Case Study in the Game of Simulated Curling”, is accepted at ICML-18 (May 2018).

Our paper, “Deep Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Action Spaces: a Case Study in the Game of Simulated Curling” written by Kyowoon, Sol-A and Jaesik is accepted at ICML-2018. This is joint work with Prof. Seong-Whan Lee at Korea University.

[Award] Our SW won Game AI Tournament 2018 – Digital Curling Tournament

Our digital Curling SW developed by Kyowoon, Sol-A and Jaesik won the digital curling tournament at Game AI Tournament 2018. Our program won the regular league (w/ 28 secs of thinking time over 8 ends). Our program ranked the second place… Continue Reading →

[Notice] A Message for Prospective Graduate Students (From Prof. Jaesik Choi)

Dear prospective graduate students, Unfortunately, I am not able to write individual response to your inquiry for graduate study, if you send an e-mail request. However, my lab still has some vacancies for graduate studies, fortunately. If you are interested… Continue Reading →

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